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Revelation 11:7 BBE

Rev 11:7 BBE, Re 11:7 BBE, The Revelation 11 7 BBE, Revelation 11 7 BBE

Revelation 11:7 BBE

5  And if any man would do them damage, fire comes out of their mouth and puts an end to those who are working against them: and if any man has a desire to do them damage, in this way will he be put to death.

6  These have the power to keep the heaven shut, so that there may be no rain in the days when they are prophets: and they have power over the waters to make them into blood, and to send every sort of disease on the earth as their pleasure is.

7  And when they have come to the end of their witness, the beast which comes up out of the great deep will make war on them and overcome them and put them to death.

8  And their dead bodies will be in the open street of the great town, which in the spirit is named Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was put to death on the cross.

9  And the peoples and tribes and languages and nations will be looking on their dead bodies three days and a half, and will not let their dead bodies be put in the earth.

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