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Psalms 150 BBE

Pslm 150 BBE, Ps 150 BBE, Psa 150 BBE, Psm 150 BBE, Pss 150 BBE

Psalms 150 BBE

1 Let the Lord be praised. Give praise to God in his holy place: give him praise in the heaven of his power.

2 Give him praise for his acts of power: give him praise in the measure of his great strength.

3 Give him praise with the sound of the horn: give him praise with corded instruments of music.

4 Give him praise with instruments of brass and in the dance: give him praise with horns and corded instruments.

5 Give him praise with the loud brass: give him praise with the high-sounding brass.

6 Let everything which has breath give praise to the Lord. Let the Lord be praised.

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