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Numbers 19:6 BBE

Num 19:6 BBE, Nu 19:6 BBE, Nm 19:6 BBE, Nb 19:6 BBE, Numbers 19 6 BBE

Numbers 19:6 BBE

4  Then let Eleazar the priest take some of her blood on his finger, shaking the blood seven times in the direction of the front of the Tent of meeting:

5  And the cow is to be burned before him, her skin and her flesh and her blood and her waste are to be burned:

6  Then let the priest take cedar-wood and hyssop and red thread, and put them into the fire where the cow is burning.

7  And the priest, after washing his clothing and bathing his body in water, may come back to the tent-circle, and will be unclean till evening.

8  And he who does the burning is to have his clothing washed and his body bathed in water and be unclean till evening.

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