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Nehemiah 1:11 BBE

Neh 1:11 BBE, Ne 1:11 BBE, Nehemiah 1 11 BBE

Nehemiah 1:11 BBE

9  But if you come back to me and keep my orders and do them, even if those of you who have been forced out are living in the farthest parts of heaven, I will get them from there, and take them back to the place marked out by me for the resting-place of my name.

10  Now these are your servants and your people, whom you have made yours by your great power and by your strong hand.

11  O Lord, let your ear take note of the prayer of your servant, and of the prayers of your servants, who take delight in worshipping your name: give help, O Lord, to your servant this day, and let him have mercy in the eyes of this man. (Now I was the king's wine-servant.)

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