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Nahum 2:5 BBE

Nah 2:5 BBE, Na 2:5 BBE, Nahum 2 5 BBE

Nahum 2:5 BBE

3  For the Lord will make good the vine of Jacob, as well as the vine of Israel: for the wasters have made them waste and sent destruction on the branches of their vine.

4  The body-covers of his fighting men have been made red, the men of war are clothed in bright red: the war-carriages are like flames of fire in the day when he gets ready, the horses are shaking.

5  The war-carriages are rushing through the streets, pushing against one another in the wide ways, looking like burning lights, running like thunder-flames.

6  He takes the record of his great men: they go falling on their way; they go quickly to the wall, the cover is made ready.

7  The river doorways are forced open, and the king's house is flowing away.

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