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Nahum 2:11 BBE

Nah 2:11 BBE, Na 2:11 BBE, Nahum 2 11 BBE

Nahum 2:11 BBE

9  But Nineveh is like a pool of water whose waters are flowing away; Keep your place, they say; but no one is turning back.

10  Take silver, take gold; for there is no end to the store; take for yourselves a weight of things to be desired.

11  Everything has been taken from her, all is gone, she has nothing more: the heart is turned to water, the knees are shaking, all are twisted in pain, and colour has gone from all faces.

12  Where is the lions' hole, the place where the young lions got their food, where the lion and the she-lion were walking with their young, without cause for fear?

13  Food enough for his young and for his she-lions was pulled down by the lion; his hole was full of flesh and his resting-place stored with meat.

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