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Judges 18:24 BBE

Judg 18:24 BBE, Jdg 18:24 BBE, Jg 18:24 BBE, Jdgs 18:24 BBE, Judges 18 24 BBE

Judges 18:24 BBE

22  When they had gone some way from the house of Micah, the men from the houses near Micah's house came together and overtook the children of Dan,

23  Crying out to them. And the Danites, turning round, said to Micah, What is your trouble, that you have taken up arms?

24  And he said, You have taken my gods which I made, and my priest, and have gone away; what is there for me now? Why then do you say to me, What is your trouble?

25  And the children of Dan said to him, Say no more, or men of bitter spirit may make an attack on you, causing loss of your life and the lives of your people.

26  Then the children of Dan went on their way; and when Micah saw that they were stronger than he, he went back to his house.

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