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Judges 12:6 BBE

Judg 12:6 BBE, Jdg 12:6 BBE, Jg 12:6 BBE, Jdgs 12:6 BBE, Judges 12 6 BBE

Judges 12:6 BBE

4  Then Jephthah got together all the men of Gilead and made war on Ephraim; and the men of Gilead overcame Ephraim.

5  And the Gileadites took the crossing-places of Jordan against the Ephraimites; and when any of the men of Ephraim who had gone in flight said, let me go over; the men of Gilead said to him, Are you an Ephraimite? And if he said, No;

6  Then they said to him, Now say Shibboleth; and he said Sibboleth, and was not able to say it in the right way; then they took him and put him to death at the crossing-places of Jordan; and at that time forty-two thousand Ephraimites were put to death.

7  Now Jephthah was judge of Israel for six years. And Jephthah the Gileadite came to his death, and his body was put to rest in his town, Mizpeh of Gilead.

8  And after him, Ibzan of Beth-lehem was judge of Israel.

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