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Judges 12:1 BBE

Judg 12:1 BBE, Jdg 12:1 BBE, Jg 12:1 BBE, Jdgs 12:1 BBE, Judges 12 1 BBE

Judges 12:1 BBE

1  Now the men of Ephraim came together and took up arms and went over to Zaphon; and they said to Jephthah, Why did you go over to make war against the children of Ammon without sending for us to go with you? Now we will put your house on fire over you.

2  And Jephthah said to them, I and my people were in danger, and the children of Ammon were very cruel to us, and when I sent for you, you gave me no help against them.

3  So when I saw that there was no help to be had from you, I put my life in my hand and went over against the children of Ammon, and the Lord gave them into my hands: why then have you come up to me this day to make war on me?

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