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Jeremiah 8:18 BBE

Jer 8:18 BBE, Je 8:18 BBE, Jr 8:18 BBE, Jeremiah 8 18 BBE

Jeremiah 8:18 BBE

16  The loud breathing of the horses comes to our ears from Dan: at the sound of the outcry of his war-horses, all the land is shaking with fear; for they have come, and have made a meal of the land and everything in it; the town and the people living in it.

17  See, I will send snakes and poison-snakes among you, against which the wonder-worker has no power; and they will give you wounds which may not be made well, says the Lord.

18  Sorrow has come on me! my heart in me is feeble.

19  The voice of the cry of the daughter of my people comes from a far land: Is the Lord not in Zion? is not her King in her? Why have they made me angry with their images and their strange gods which are no gods?

20  The grain-cutting is past, the summer is ended, and no salvation has come to us.

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