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Jeremiah 50:39 BBE

Jer 50:39 BBE, Je 50:39 BBE, Jr 50:39 BBE, Jeremiah 50 39 BBE

Jeremiah 50:39 BBE

37  A sword is on all the mixed people in her, and they will become like women: a sword is on her store-houses, and they will be taken by her attackers.

38  A sword is on her waters, drying them up; for it is a land of images, and their minds are fixed on false gods.

39  For this reason the beasts of the waste land with the wolves will make their holes there and the ostriches will be living in it: never again will men be living there, it will be unpeopled from generation to generation.

40  As when Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbouring towns were overturned by God, says the Lord, so no man will be living in it, and no son of man will have a resting-place there.

41  See, a people is coming from the north; a great nation and a number of kings will be put in motion from the inmost parts of the earth.

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