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Jeremiah 47:5 BBE

Jer 47:5 BBE, Je 47:5 BBE, Jr 47:5 BBE, Jeremiah 47 5 BBE

Jeremiah 47:5 BBE

3  At the noise of the stamping of the feet of his war-horses, at the rushing of his carriages and the thunder of his wheels, fathers will give no thought to their children, because their hands are feeble;

4  Because of the day which is coming with destruction on all the Philistines, cutting off from Tyre and Zidon the last of their helpers: for the Lord will send destruction on the Philistines, the rest of the sea-land of Caphtor.

5  The hair is cut off from the head of Gaza; Ashkelon has come to nothing; the last of the Anakim are deeply wounding themselves.

6  O sword of the Lord, how long will you have no rest? put yourself back into your cover; be at peace, be quiet.

7  How is it possible for it to be quiet, seeing that the Lord has given it orders? against Ashkelon and against the sea-land he has given it directions.

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