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Jeremiah 46:7 BBE

Jer 46:7 BBE, Je 46:7 BBE, Jr 46:7 BBE, Jeremiah 46 7 BBE

Jeremiah 46:7 BBE

5  What have I seen? they are overcome with fear and turned back; their men of war are broken and have gone in flight, not looking back: fear is on every side, says the Lord.

6  Let not the quick-footed go in flight, or the man of war get away; on the north, by the river Euphrates, they are slipping and falling.

7  Who is this coming up like the Nile, whose waters are lifting their heads like the rivers?

8  Egypt is coming up like the Nile, and his waters are lifting their heads like the rivers, and he says, I will go up, covering the earth; I will send destruction on the town and its people.

9  Go up, you horses; go rushing on, you carriages of war; go out, you men of war: Cush and Put, gripping the body-cover, and the Ludim, with bent bows.

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