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Jeremiah 46:23 BBE

Jer 46:23 BBE, Je 46:23 BBE, Jr 46:23 BBE, Jeremiah 46 23 BBE

Jeremiah 46:23 BBE

21  And those who were her fighters for payment are like fat oxen; for they are turned back, they have gone in flight together, they do not keep their place: for the day of their fate has come on them, the time of their punishment.

22  She makes a sound like the hiss of a snake when they come on with strength; they go against her with axes, like wood-cutters.

23  They will be cutting down her woods, for they may not be searched out; because they are like locusts, more than may be numbered.

24  The daughter of Egypt will be put to shame; she will be given up into the hands of the people of the north.

25  The Lord of armies, the God of Israel, has said: See, I will send punishment on Amon of No and on Pharaoh and on those who put their faith in him;

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