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Jeremiah 46:17 BBE

Jer 46:17 BBE, Je 46:17 BBE, Jr 46:17 BBE, Jeremiah 46 17 BBE

Jeremiah 46:17 BBE

15  Why has Apis, your strong one, gone in flight? he was not able to keep his place, because the Lord was forcing him down with strength.

16  ... are stopped in their going, they are falling; and they say one to another, Let us get up and go back to our people, to the land of our birth, away from the cruel sword.

17  Give a name to Pharaoh, king of Egypt: A noise who has let the time go by.

18  By my life, says the King, whose name is the Lord of armies, truly, like Tabor among the mountains and like Carmel by the sea, so will he come.

19  O daughter living in Egypt, make ready the vessels of a prisoner: for Noph will become a waste, it will be burned up and become unpeopled.

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