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Jeremiah 45:4 BBE

Jer 45:4 BBE, Je 45:4 BBE, Jr 45:4 BBE, Jeremiah 45 4 BBE

Jeremiah 45:4 BBE

2  This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, has said of you, O Baruch:

3  You said, Sorrow is mine! for the Lord has given me sorrow in addition to my pain; I am tired with the sound of my sorrow, and I get no rest.

4  This is what you are to say to him: The Lord has said, Truly, the building which I put up will be broken down, and that which was planted by me will be uprooted, and this through all the land;

5  And as for you, are you looking for great things for yourself? Have no desire for them: for truly I will send evil on all flesh, says the Lord: but your life I will keep safe from attack wherever you go.

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