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Jeremiah 34:13 BBE

Jer 34:13 BBE, Je 34:13 BBE, Jr 34:13 BBE, Jeremiah 34 13 BBE

Jeremiah 34:13 BBE

11  But later, they took back again the servants and the servant-girls whom they had let go free, and put them again under the yoke as servants and servant-girls.

12  For this reason the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying,

13  The Lord, the God of Israel, has said, I made an agreement with your fathers on the day when I took them out of Egypt, out of the prison-house, saying,

14  At the end of seven years every man is to let go his countryman who is a Hebrew, who has become yours for a price and has been your servant for six years; you are to let him go free: but your fathers gave no attention and did not give ear.

15  And now, turning away from evil, you had done what is right in my eyes, giving a public undertaking for every man to make his neighbour free; and you had made an agreement before me in the house which is named by my name:

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