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Jeremiah 30:22 BBE

Jer 30:22 BBE, Je 30:22 BBE, Jr 30:22 BBE, Jeremiah 30 22 BBE

Jeremiah 30:22 BBE

20  And their children will be as they were in the old days, and the meeting of the people will have its place before me, and I will send punishment on all who are cruel to them.

21  And their chief will be of their number; their ruler will come from among themselves; and I will let him be present before me, so that he may come near to me: for who may have strength of heart to come near me? says the Lord.

22  And you will be my people, and I will be your God.

23  See, the storm-wind of the Lord, even the heat of his wrath, has gone out, a rolling storm, bursting on the heads of the evil-doers.

24  The wrath of the Lord will not be turned back till he has done, till he has put into effect, the purposes of his heart: in days to come you will have full knowledge of this.

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