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Jeremiah 28:9 BBE

Jer 28:9 BBE, Je 28:9 BBE, Jr 28:9 BBE, Jeremiah 28 9 BBE

Jeremiah 28:9 BBE

7  But still, give ear to this word which I am saying to you and to all the people:

8  The prophets, who were before me and before you, from early times gave word to a number of countries and great kingdoms about war and destruction and disease.

9  The prophet whose words are of peace, when his words come true, will be seen to be a prophet whom the Lord has sent.

10  Then Hananiah the prophet took the yoke from the neck of the prophet Jeremiah and it was broken by his hands.

11  And before all the people Hananiah said, The Lord has said, Even so will I let the yoke of the king of Babylon be broken off the necks of all the nations in the space of two years. Then the prophet Jeremiah went away.

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