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Jeremiah 24:10 BBE

Jer 24:10 BBE, Je 24:10 BBE, Jr 24:10 BBE, Jeremiah 24 10 BBE

Jeremiah 24:10 BBE

8  And like the bad figs which are so bad that they are of no use for food, so I will give up Zedekiah, king of Judah, and his chiefs and the rest of Jerusalem who are still in this land, and those who are in the land of Egypt:

9  I will give them up to be a cause of fear and of trouble among all the kingdoms of the earth; to be a name of shame and common talk and a cutting word and a curse in all the places wherever I will send them wandering.

10  And I will send the sword, and need of food, and disease, among them till they are all cut off from the land which I gave to them and to their fathers.

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