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Jeremiah 22:29 BBE

Jer 22:29 BBE, Je 22:29 BBE, Jr 22:29 BBE, Jeremiah 22 29 BBE

Jeremiah 22:29 BBE

27  But to the land on which their soul's desire is fixed, they will never come back.

28  Is this man Coniah a broken vessel of no value? is he a vessel in which there is no pleasure? why are they violently sent out, he and his seed, into a land which is strange to them?

29  O earth, earth, earth, give ear to the word of the Lord!

30  The Lord has said, Let this man be recorded as having no children, a man who will not do well in all his life: for no man of his seed will do well, seated on the seat of the kingdom of David and ruling again in Judah.

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