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Jeremiah 22:14 BBE

Jer 22:14 BBE, Je 22:14 BBE, Jr 22:14 BBE, Jeremiah 22 14 BBE

Jeremiah 22:14 BBE

12  But death will come to him in the place where they have taken him away prisoner, and he will never see this land again.

13  A curse is on him who is building his house by wrongdoing, and his rooms by doing what is not right; who makes use of his neighbour without payment, and gives him nothing for his work;

14  Who says, I will make a wide house for myself, and rooms of great size, and has windows cut out, and has it roofed with cedar and painted with bright red.

15  Are you to be a king because you make more use of cedar than your father? did not your father take food and drink and do right, judging in righteousness, and then it was well for him?

16  He was judge in the cause of the poor and those in need; then it was well. Was not this to have knowledge of me? says the Lord.

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