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Jeremiah 21:1 BBE

Jer 21:1 BBE, Je 21:1 BBE, Jr 21:1 BBE, Jeremiah 21 1 BBE

Jeremiah 21:1 BBE

1  The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, when King Zedekiah sent to him Pashhur, the son of Malchiah, and Zephaniah, the son of Maaseiah the priest, saying,

2  Will you get directions from the Lord for us; for Nebuchadrezzar, king of Babylon, is making war against us; it may be that the Lord will do something for us like all the wonders he has done, and make him go away from us.

3  Then Jeremiah said to them, This is what you are to say to Zedekiah:

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