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Jeremiah 20:1 BBE

Jer 20:1 BBE, Je 20:1 BBE, Jr 20:1 BBE, Jeremiah 20 1 BBE

Jeremiah 20:1 BBE

1  Now it came to the ears of Pashhur, the son of Immer the priest, who was chief in authority in the house of the Lord, that Jeremiah was saying these things;

2  And Pashhur gave blows to Jeremiah and had his feet chained in a framework of wood in the higher doorway of Benjamin, which was in the house of the Lord.

3  Then on the day after, Pashhur let Jeremiah loose. Then Jeremiah said to him, The Lord has given you the name of Magor-missabib (Cause-of-fear-on-every-side), not Pashhur.

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