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Jeremiah 14:4 BBE

Jer 14:4 BBE, Je 14:4 BBE, Jr 14:4 BBE, Jeremiah 14 4 BBE

Jeremiah 14:4 BBE

2  Judah is weeping and its doors are dark with sorrow, and people are seated on the earth clothed in black; and the cry of Jerusalem has gone up.

3  Their great men have sent their servants for water: they come to the holes and there is no water to be seen; they come back with nothing in their vessels; they are overcome with shame and fear, covering their heads.

4  Those who do work on the land are in fear, for there has been no rain on the land, and the farmers are shamed, covering their heads.

5  And the roe, giving birth in the field, lets her young one be uncared for, because there is no grass.

6  And the asses of the field on the open hilltops are opening their mouths wide like jackals to get air; their eyes are hollow because there is no grass.

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