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Jeremiah 14:19 BBE

Jer 14:19 BBE, Je 14:19 BBE, Jr 14:19 BBE, Jeremiah 14 19 BBE

Jeremiah 14:19 BBE

17  And you are to say this word to them, Let my eyes be streaming with water night and day, and let it not be stopped; for the virgin daughter of my people is wounded with a great wound, with a very bitter blow.

18  If I go out into the open country, there are those put to death by the sword! and if I go into the town, there are those who are diseased from need of food! for the prophet and the priest go about in the land and have no knowledge.

19  Have you completely given up Judah? is your soul turned in disgust from Zion? why have you given us blows from which there is no one to make us well? we were looking for peace, but no good came; and for a time of well-being, but there was only a great fear.

20  We are conscious, O Lord, of our sin and of the wrongdoing of our fathers: we have done evil against you.

21  Do not be turned from us in disgust, because of your name; do not put shame on the seat of your glory: keep us in mind, let not your agreement with us be broken.

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