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Isaiah 61:6 BBE

Isa 61:6 BBE, Is 61:6 BBE, Isaiah 61 6 BBE

Isaiah 61:6 BBE

4  And they will be building again the old broken walls, and will make new the old waste places, and will put up again the towns which have been waste for long generations.

5  And men from strange countries will be your herdsmen, and those who are not Israelites will be your ploughmen and vine-keepers.

6  But you will be named the priests of the Lord, the servants of our God: you will have the wealth of the nations for your food, and you will be clothed with their glory.

7  As they had twice as much grief, and marks of shame were their heritage, so in their land they will be rewarded twice over, and will have eternal joy.

8  For I, the Lord, take pleasure in upright judging; I will not put up with the violent taking away of right; and I will certainly give them their reward, and I will make an eternal agreement with them.

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