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Isaiah 57:8 BBE

Isa 57:8 BBE, Is 57:8 BBE, Isaiah 57 8 BBE

Isaiah 57:8 BBE

6  Among the smooth stones of the valley is your heritage; they, even they, are your part: even to them have you made a drink offering and a meal offering. Is it possible for such things to be overlooked by me?

7  You have put your bed on a high mountain: there you went up to make your offering.

8  And on the back of the doors and on the pillars you have put your sign: for you have been false to me with another; you have made your bed wide, and made an agreement with them; you had a desire for their bed where you saw it

9  And you went to Melech with oil and much perfume, and you sent your representatives far off, and went as low as the underworld.

10  You were tired with your long journeys; but you did not say, There is no hope: you got new strength, and so you were not feeble.

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