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Hosea 9:7 BBE

Hos 9:7 BBE, Ho 9:7 BBE, Hosea 9 7 BBE

Hosea 9:7 BBE

5  What will you do on the day of worship, and on the day of the feast of the Lord?

6  For see, they are going away into Assyria; Egypt will get them together, Memphis will be their last resting-place; their fair silver vessels will be covered over with field plants, and thorns will come up in their tents.

7  The days of punishment, the days of reward are come; Israel will be put to shame; the prophet is foolish, the man who has the spirit is off his head, because of your great sin.

8  There is great hate against the watchman of Ephraim, the people of my God; as for the prophet, there is a net in all his ways, and hate in the house of his God.

9  They have gone deep in evil as in the days of Gibeah; he will keep in mind their wrongdoing, he will give them punishment for their sins.

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