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Hosea 8:7 BBE

Hos 8:7 BBE, Ho 8:7 BBE, Hosea 8 7 BBE

Hosea 8:7 BBE

5  I will have nothing to do with your young ox, O Samaria; my wrath is burning against them; how long will it be before the children of Israel make themselves clean?

6  The workman made it, it is no god; the ox of Samaria will be broken into bits.

7  For they have been planting the wind, and their fruit will be the storm; his grain has no stem, it will give no meal, and if it does, a strange nation will take it.

8  Israel has come to destruction; now they are among the nations like a cup in which there is no pleasure.

9  For they have gone up to Assyria like an ass going by himself; Ephraim has given money to get lovers.

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