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Hosea 10:8 BBE

Hos 10:8 BBE, Ho 10:8 BBE, Hosea 10 8 BBE

Hosea 10:8 BBE

6  And they will take it to Assyria and give it to the great king; shame will come on Ephraim, and Israel will be shamed because of its image.

7  As for Samaria, her king is cut off, like mist on the water.

8  And the high places of Aven, the sin of Israel, will come to destruction; thorns and waste plants will come up on their altars; they will say to the mountains, Be a cover over us; and to the hills, Come down on us.

9  O Israel, you have done evil from the days of Gibeah; there they took up their position, so that the fighting against the children of evil might not overtake them in Gibeah.

10  I will come and give them punishment; and the peoples will come together against them when I give them the reward of their two sins.

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