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Hosea 10:5 BBE

Hos 10:5 BBE, Ho 10:5 BBE, Hosea 10 5 BBE

Hosea 10:5 BBE

3  Now, truly, they will say, We have no king, we have no fear of the Lord; and the king, what is he able to do for us?

4  Their words are foolish; they make agreements with false oaths, so punishment will come up like a poison-plant in a ploughed field.

5  The people of Samaria will be full of fear because of the ox of Beth-aven; its people will have sorrow for it, and its priests will give cries of grief for its glory, for the glory has gone in flight.

6  And they will take it to Assyria and give it to the great king; shame will come on Ephraim, and Israel will be shamed because of its image.

7  As for Samaria, her king is cut off, like mist on the water.

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