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Hebrews 2:2 BBE

Hebrews 2:2 BBE, Heb 2:2 BBE, Hebrews 2 2 BBE

Hebrews 2:2 BBE

1  For this reason there is the more need for us to give attention to the things which have come to our ears, for fear that by chance we might be slipping away.

2  Because if the word which came through the angels was fixed, and in the past every evil act against God's orders was given its full punishment;

3  What will come on us, if we do not give our minds to such a great salvation? a salvation of which our fathers first had knowledge through the words of the Lord, and which was made certain to us by those to whom his words came;

4  And God was a witness with them, by signs and wonders, and by more than natural powers, and by his distribution of the Holy Spirit at his pleasure.

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