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Genesis 15:13 BBE

Gen 15:13 BBE, Ge 15:13 BBE, Gn 15:13 BBE, Genesis 15 13 BBE

Genesis 15:13 BBE

11  And evil birds came down on the bodies, but Abram sent them away.

12  Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep came on Abram, and a dark cloud of fear.

13  And he said to Abram, Truly, your seed will be living in a land which is not theirs, as servants to a people who will be cruel to them for four hundred years;

14  But I will be the judge of that nation whose servants they are, and they will come out from among them with great wealth.

15  As for you, you will go to your fathers in peace; at the end of a long life you will be put in your last resting-place.

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