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Ezekiel 31:9 BBE

Ezek 31:9 BBE, Eze 31:9 BBE, Ezk 31:9 BBE, Ezekiel 31 9 BBE

Ezekiel 31:9 BBE

7  So it was beautiful, being so tall and its branches so long, for its root was by great waters.

8  No cedars were equal to it in the garden of God; the fir-trees were not like its branches, and plane-trees were as nothing in comparison with its arms; no tree in the garden of God was so beautiful.

9  I made it beautiful with its mass of branches: so that all the trees in the garden of God were full of envy of it.

10  For this cause the Lord has said: Because he is tall, and has put his top among the clouds, and his heart is full of pride because he is so high,

11  I have given him up into the hands of a strong one of the nations; he will certainly give him the reward of his sin, driving him out.

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