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Ezekiel 31:5 BBE

Ezek 31:5 BBE, Eze 31:5 BBE, Ezk 31:5 BBE, Ezekiel 31 5 BBE

Ezekiel 31:5 BBE

3  See, a pine-tree with beautiful branches and thick growth, giving shade and very tall; and its top was among the clouds.

4  It got strength from the waters and the deep made it tall: its streams went round about its planted land and it sent out its waterways to all the trees of the field.

5  In this way it became taller than all the trees of the field; and its branches were increased and its arms became long because of the great waters.

6  In its branches all the birds of heaven came to rest, and under its arms all the beasts of the field gave birth to their young, and great nations were living in its shade.

7  So it was beautiful, being so tall and its branches so long, for its root was by great waters.

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