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Ezekiel 26:21 BBE

Ezek 26:21 BBE, Eze 26:21 BBE, Ezk 26:21 BBE, Ezekiel 26 21 BBE

Ezekiel 26:21 BBE

19  For this is what the Lord has said: I will make you a waste town, like the towns which are unpeopled; when I make the deep come upon you, covering you with great waters.

20  Then I will make you go down with those who go down into the underworld, to the people of the past, causing your living-place to be in the deepest parts of the earth, in places long unpeopled, with those who go down into the deep, so that there will be no one living in you; and you will have no glory in the land of the living.

21  I will make you a thing of fear, and you will come to an end: even if you are looked for, you will not be seen again for ever, says the Lord.

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