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Ezekiel 26:10 BBE

Ezek 26:10 BBE, Eze 26:10 BBE, Ezk 26:10 BBE, Ezekiel 26 10 BBE

Ezekiel 26:10 BBE

8  He will put to the sword your daughters in the open country: he will make strong walls against you and put up an earthwork against you, arming himself for war against you.

9  He will put up his engines of war against your walls, and your towers will be broken down by his axes.

10  Because of the number of his horses you will be covered with their dust: your walls will be shaking at the noise of the horsemen and of the wheels and of the war-carriages, when he comes through your doorways, as into a town which has been broken open.

11  Your streets will be stamped down by the feet of his horses: he will put your people to the sword, and will send down the pillars of your strength to the earth.

12  They will take by force all your wealth and go off with the goods with which you do trade: they will have your walls broken down and all the houses of your desire given up to destruction: they will put your stones and your wood and your dust deep in the water.

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