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Ezekiel 20:49 BBE

Ezek 20:49 BBE, Eze 20:49 BBE, Ezk 20:49 BBE, Ezekiel 20 49 BBE

Ezekiel 20:49 BBE

47  And say to the woodland of the South, Give ear to the words of the Lord: this is what the Lord has said: See, I will have a fire lighted in you, for the destruction of every green tree in you and every dry tree: the flaming flame will not be put out, and all faces from the south to the north will be burned by it.

48  And all flesh will see that I the Lord have had it lighted: it will not be put out.

49  Then I said, Ah, Lord! they say of me, Is he not a maker of stories?

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