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Ezekiel 20:45 BBE

Ezek 20:45 BBE, Eze 20:45 BBE, Ezk 20:45 BBE, Ezekiel 20 45 BBE

Ezekiel 20:45 BBE

43  And there, at the memory of your ways and of all the things you did to make yourselves unclean, you will have bitter hate for yourselves because of all the evil things you have done.

44  And you will be certain that I am the Lord, when I take you in hand for the honour of my name, and not for your evil ways or your unclean doings, O children of Israel, says the Lord.

45  Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying,

46  Son of man, let your face be turned to the south, let your words be dropped to the south, and be a prophet against the woodland of the South;

47  And say to the woodland of the South, Give ear to the words of the Lord: this is what the Lord has said: See, I will have a fire lighted in you, for the destruction of every green tree in you and every dry tree: the flaming flame will not be put out, and all faces from the south to the north will be burned by it.

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