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Ezekiel 20:38 BBE

Ezek 20:38 BBE, Eze 20:38 BBE, Ezk 20:38 BBE, Ezekiel 20 38 BBE

Ezekiel 20:38 BBE

36  As I took up the cause with your fathers in the waste land of the land of Egypt, so will I take up the cause with you says the Lord.

37  And I will make you go under the rod and will make you small in number:

38  Clearing out from among you all those who are uncontrolled and who are sinning against me; I will take them out of the land where they are living, but they will not come into the land of Israel: and you will be certain that I am the Lord.

39  As for you, O children of Israel, the Lord has said: Let every man completely put away his images and give ear to me: and let my holy name no longer be shamed by your offerings and your images.

40  For in my holy mountain, in the high mountain of Israel, says the Lord, there all the children of Israel, all of them, will be my servants in the land; there I will take pleasure in them, and there I will be worshipped with your offerings and the first-fruits of the things you give, and with all your holy things.

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