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Ezekiel 20:10 BBE

Ezek 20:10 BBE, Eze 20:10 BBE, Ezk 20:10 BBE, Ezekiel 20 10 BBE

Ezekiel 20:10 BBE

8  But they would not be controlled by me, and did not give ear to me; they did not put away the disgusting things to which their eyes were turned, or give up the images of Egypt: then I said I would let loose my passion on them to give full effect to my wrath against them in the land of Egypt.

9  And I was acting for the honour of my name, so that it might not be made unclean before the eyes of the nations among whom they were, and before whose eyes I gave them knowledge of myself, by taking them out of the land of Egypt.

10  So I made them go out of the land of Egypt and took them into the waste land.

11  And I gave them my rules and made clear to them my orders, which, if a man keeps them, will be life to him.

12  And further, I gave them my Sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, so that it might be clear that I, who make them holy, am the Lord.

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