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Ezekiel 19:11 BBE

Ezek 19:11 BBE, Eze 19:11 BBE, Ezk 19:11 BBE, Ezekiel 19 11 BBE

Ezekiel 19:11 BBE

9  They made him a prisoner with hooks, and took him to the king of Babylon; they put him in the strong place so that his voice might be sounding no longer on the mountains of Israel.

10  Your mother was in comparison like a vine, planted by the waters: she was fertile and full of branches because of the great waters.

11  And she had a strong rod for a rod of authority for the rulers, and it became tall among the clouds and it was seen lifted up among the number of its branches.

12  But she was uprooted in burning wrath, and made low on the earth; the east wind came, drying her up, and her branches were broken off; her strong rod became dry, the fire made a meal of it.

13  And now she is planted in the waste land, in a dry and unwatered country.

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