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Ezekiel 14:11 BBE

Ezek 14:11 BBE, Eze 14:11 BBE, Ezk 14:11 BBE, Ezekiel 14 11 BBE

Ezekiel 14:11 BBE

9  And if the prophet, tricked by deceit, says anything, it is I the Lord by whom he has been tricked, and I will put out my hand against him, and he will be cut off from among my people Israel.

10  And the punishment of their sin will be on them: the sin of the prophet will be the same as the sin of him who goes to him for directions;

11  So that the children of Israel may no longer go wandering away from me, or make themselves unclean with all their wrongdoing; but they will be my people, and I will be their God, says the Lord.

12  And the word of the Lord came to me, saying,

13  Son of man, when a land, sinning against me, does wrong, and my hand is stretched out against it, and the support of its bread is broken, and I make it short of food, cutting off man and beast from it:

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