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Exodus 27:3 BBE

Exo 27:3 BBE, Ex 27:3 BBE, Exod 27:3 BBE, Exodus 27 3 BBE

Exodus 27:3 BBE

1  And make an altar of hard wood, a square altar, five cubits long, five cubits wide and three cubits high.

2  Put horns at the four angles of it, made of the same, plating it all with brass.

3  And make all its vessels, the baskets for taking away the dust of the fire, the spades and basins and meat-hooks and fire-trays, of brass.

4  And make a network of brass, with four brass rings at its four angles.

5  And put the network under the shelf round the altar so that the net comes half-way up the altar.

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