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Exodus 27:19 BBE

Exo 27:19 BBE, Ex 27:19 BBE, Exod 27:19 BBE, Exodus 27 19 BBE

Exodus 27:19 BBE

17  All the pillars round the open space are to have silver bands, with hooks of silver and bases of brass.

18  The open space is to be a hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, with sides five cubits high, curtained with the best linen, with bases of brass.

19  All the instruments for the work of the House, and all its nails, and the nails of the open space are to be of brass.

20  Give orders to the children of Israel to give you clear olive oil for the lights, so that a light may be burning there at all times.

21  Let Aaron and his sons put this in order, evening and morning, before the Lord, inside the Tent of meeting, outside the veil which is before the ark; this is to be an order for ever, from generation to generation, to be kept by the children of Israel.

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