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Exodus 27:10 BBE

Exo 27:10 BBE, Ex 27:10 BBE, Exod 27:10 BBE, Exodus 27 10 BBE

Exodus 27:10 BBE

8  The altar is to be hollow, boarded in with wood; make it from the design which you saw on the mountain.

9  And let there be an open space round the House, with hangings for its south side of the best linen, a hundred cubits long.

10  Their twenty pillars and their twenty bases are to be of brass; the hooks of the pillars and their bands are to be of silver.

11  And on the north side in the same way, hangings a hundred cubits long, with twenty pillars of brass on bases of brass; their hooks and their bands are to be of silver.

12  And for the open space on the west side, the hangings are to be fifty cubits wide, with ten pillars and ten bases;

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