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Esther 5:12 BBE

Esth 5:12 BBE, Es 5:12 BBE, Esther 5 12 BBE

Esther 5:12 BBE

10  But controlling himself, he went to his house; and he sent for his friends and Zeresh, his wife.

11  And he gave them an account of the glories of his wealth, and the number of children he had, and the ways in which he had been honoured by the king, and how he had put him over the captains and servants of the king.

12  And Haman said further, Truly, Esther the queen let no man but myself come in to the feast which she had made ready for the king; and tomorrow again I am to be her guest with the king.

13  But all this is nothing to me while I see Mordecai the Jew seated by the king's doorway.

14  Then his wife Zeresh and all his friends said to him, Let a pillar, fifty cubits high, be made ready for hanging him, and in the morning get the king to give orders for the hanging of Mordecai: then you will be able to go to the feast with the king with a glad heart. And Haman was pleased with the suggestion, and he had the pillar made.

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