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Ecclesiastes 11:4 BBE

Eccles 11:4 BBE, Ec 11:4 BBE, Qoh 11:4 BBE, Qoheleth 11:4 BBE, Ecclesiastes 11 4 BBE

Ecclesiastes 11:4 BBE

2  Give a part to seven or even to eight, because you have no knowledge of the evil which will be on the earth.

3  If the clouds are full of rain, they send it down on the earth; and if a tree comes down to the south, or the north, in whatever place it comes down, there it will be.

4  He who is watching the wind will not get the seed planted, and he who is looking at the clouds will not get in the grain.

5  As you have no knowledge of the way of the wind, or of the growth of the bones in the body of her who is with child, even so you have no knowledge of the works of God who has made all.

6  In the morning put your seed into the earth, and till the evening let not your hand be at rest; because you are not certain which will do well, this or that--or if the two will be equally good.

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