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Ecclesiastes 10:9 BBE

Eccles 10:9 BBE, Ec 10:9 BBE, Qoh 10:9 BBE, Qoheleth 10:9 BBE, Ecclesiastes 10 9 BBE

Ecclesiastes 10:9 BBE

7  I have seen servants on horses, and rulers walking on the earth as servants.

8  He who makes a hole for others will himself go into it, and for him who makes a hole through a wall the bite of a snake will be a punishment.

9  He who gets out stones from the earth will be damaged by them, and in the cutting of wood there is danger.

10  If the iron has no edge, and he does not make it sharp, then he has to put out more strength; but wisdom makes things go well.

11  If a snake gives a bite before the word of power is said, then there is no longer any use in the word of power.

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